According to the rule 4.1.6 IVAO RULES

Upon initial registration, members will be asked to choose a division that they wish to join. A member may request a division transfer at any time, however all transfers are subject of approval by the members prospective division and the Membership Department.

How to request?

  1. Send the request to [ sa-hq@ivao.aero ] with CC to [ md@ivao.aero & mad@ivao.aero ] (in only one mail).
  2. In the Subject: [ Division Transfer - 123456 ] (123456 is your IVAO VID).
  3. In the content of the message: Explain what are the reasons to change your division.

Division Changed Notification

  • In case you have a pending practical exam, please finish the exam first or request cancellation from the Training department.
  • If you already transferred you can not request another transfer for 12 months.