ATC General Procedures

Quick information to be a professional air traffic controller

Controller Guidelines

Active controllers should be able to use all functions of IVAC, and have read the manual thoroughly.
All controllers must maintain their ATIS with the following information.

ATIS information

  1. Position name should be the position callsign only. Ex: Jeddah Approach not King Abdulaziz International Approach.
  2. Voice channel (if applicable)
  3. Weather should be METAR. No need for If applicable that because this information is mandatory and required all the time.
  4. Necessary information only. For example: Closed and blocked runway, Approach procedure in use for Approach control only, like : Expect ILS APP

More about controlling in Saudi Arabia.

  • The communication languages used in Saudi Arabia airspace English as primary language and Arabic only if ATC and Pilot can speak it.
  • All controllers must use standard SA phraseology at all times.
  • When available controllers should read, and understand the appropriate Airport/Airspace procedures before logging on.
  • If you should have any doubts please don't hesitate to contact the FIR chief, ATC operation department (AOC, AOAC).
  • Controllers are required to have all applicable charts available while on duty (for centre controllers this can be quite a bunch).